1996 in Weston-Super-Mare, UK, and a young teen, now better known as Kickback, became infatuated with the rave scene.

The bubbling rave circuit had captured Kickback and stopped him in his tracks; igniting a burning passion for the genre that would lead to a credible music career.

After years of purchasing vinyl records and observing his musical surroundings, Kickback began to finesse his craft and took a leap towards becoming a DJ by entering a local DJ competition. Only afterwards, did he earn his first of many residencies across the Southwest of England and Wales.

It quickly became apparent that music was the cornerstone of Kickback’s life; with a job in a record shop allowing the budding artist to keep a watchful eye on the music scene- something that paid dividends for years to come.

Unbeknownst at the time, Kickback was about to embark on the most affluent part of his music career so far by playing for a series of the UK’s largest promoters, including the likes of Glastonbury Festival, Slammin Vinyl and Westfest. These opportunities allowed the southwest-hailing DJ to showcase his homegrown talent to a wider audience and gift listeners with a selection of heavy sets, fuelled by a genuine love for music.

After an introduction to Cue-Bass, Kickback began to dabble in music production, which led to the successful completion of a Foundation Degree in music production in 2011. The artist’s career was undeniably going from strength to strength. So much so, Kickback made the decision to transition to a career in producing Drum and Bass & Jungle music.

In the midst of the transition and a move to Bristol, UK, Kickbacks newfound production career allowed him to get an in-depth insight into how the music business worked behind the scenes. Soon after, came the release of Kickbacks debut EP The Severn Delta Blues Club on the Ghetto Dub label; a body of work that earnt a warm reception from bass music fans.

A year later in 2018, Kickback emerged once more with The Imaginary Record Shop EP, which once again offered an insight into the creative flow and consistent high-quality level of music content the producer was capable of serving to listeners.

With the success of two Eps under his belt, Kickback took on residencies at two of Bristol’s most iconic music venues- Blue Mountain and Lakota, as well as returning to his roots to collaborate with fellow Weston-based DJ Conflate.

As the pandemic hit in 2020, we all had more time on our hands than we knew what to do with. For Kickback, this was a prime opportunity to hone is craft and unite one half of Laid Blak to unveil a series of remixes. In the months to come, Kickback continued to release a slick rally of remixes, further adding to his impressive discography.

Each event in Kickbacks career so far has set the pace for what’s to come on his all-new label X-AMNT, alongside fellow artist Bunjy.

Stay locked for even more from Kickback.